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Beach Time!

I’ll be heading down the shore this weekend to hopefully get tan! Maybe I’ll find this little guy waiting for me.

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Message from a Soldier- Private L.E. Maite

The weather today made me feel like being at the beach! This card was mailed by Private L.E. Maite to Master Lawrence E. Maite, his son. Private Maite was at Camp Crowder, Missouri in May of 1944. “Hello Sonny how … Continue reading

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Pebbles #2

I did a previous post on an Atlantic City card with Pebbles at the top back in February. This weekend, I found another Atlantic City Pebbles card- The guy on this card is a pimp and has three pebbles. “I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Atlantic City 1854-1954: An Illustrated History

Of all the books I have reviewed thus far on my blog, this book might be in last place. I purchased¬†Atlantic City 1854-1954: An Illustrated History¬†by Fred and Susan Miller down the shore last summer since I like some Atlantic … Continue reading

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Pebbles from the Beach

“Pebbles from the Beach at Atlantic City. I’ve got rid of all the others, this is the only Pebble on the Beach for me at Atlantic City.” This romantic card shows a coupe kissing on the beach. The card was … Continue reading

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Postcard Birthday!

Today this postcard is 104 years old. It was postmarked on August 25th, 1907. It features a black and white beach scene in Atlantic City. If anyone is in Atlantic City now they have to evacuate because of hurricane Irene!!

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Oyster Girls

Series 23, published by Chas Rose and done by Dwig, features beach scenes- a sand witch, a girl writing a letter on a fish, and my personal favorite, the oyster girls. I have only ever seen two of them, and … Continue reading

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