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Funny Message: Grape Juice

“Dear Sis:- Please send me your recipe for grape juice, at once. Arrive in town today, will write more later. All are well, would like you all to visit us soon. Lovingly Anna.” I was looking through a 25 cent … Continue reading

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Peter Rabbit Quaddy

¬† A Quaddy addition was made recently, and my mom was the one who spotted it on eBay. This is Peter Rabbit- “My name is Peter Rabbit, I am a “Quaddy,” too- Most everybody loves me and so I hope … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! To celebrate, here is a postcard from Charles Twelvetrees’ wedding series. This is “The Mother in Law”- but a very nice one. It was mailed in November 1916.

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How Can You Do It Additions

This week I added 3 more of Dwig’s “How Can You Do It on ____ Per?” cards to my collection. I have been slacking in the Dwig department over the past year and haven’t bought too many of his cards. … Continue reading

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Hearty Christmas Wishes

“Hearty Christmas Wishes. Plenty of Good Cheer, Good friends ever near.” This Clapsaddle card was mailed from Buffalo on December 21, 1916. It is one of a series of 4. The three children and their dog are spying to see … Continue reading

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Dulk Birthday Daffodil

I have written about artist Dulk’s birthday flower girls before, but since my birthday was yesterday I wanted to show this daffodil girl by Dulk. The poem reads “From Your Friend: Dear friend on your birthday, what more can I … Continue reading

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You’re Convicted of Being a Poor Correspondent!

Next time someone doesn’t respond to you, send them this postcard! “You’re convicted of being a poor correspondent.” This cute judge was done by Charles Twelvetrees, and used to be the header across my blog awhile back. It was mailed … Continue reading

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Box of Chocolates

This black Americana card by Charles Twelvetrees was mailed on May 23, 1916. The front of it says “Here’s the box of chocolates I promised you.” The card is series number 864, which also consists of blackberries,¬†peaches, and strawberries (haven’t … Continue reading

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Iss Yo’ Fond of Blackberries, Honey?

This Charles Twelvetrees card features two children in a little carton, with the caption reading “Iss Yo’ Fond of Blackberries, Honey?” The sender on the back wrote: “Did you ever see any blackberries like these before? We have our phone … Continue reading

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Would You Like a Little Scotch?

My favorite postcard of everything that I have is this Twelvetrees card, “Would you like a little Scotch?” It shows a little Scotsman in his kilt next to an empty glass and bottle. As far as Twelvetrees cards go, this … Continue reading

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