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Peter Rabbit Quaddy

¬† A Quaddy addition was made recently, and my mom was the one who spotted it on eBay. This is Peter Rabbit- “My name is Peter Rabbit, I am a “Quaddy,” too- Most everybody loves me and so I hope … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! To celebrate, here is a postcard from Charles Twelvetrees’ wedding series. This is “The Mother in Law”- but a very nice one. It was mailed in November 1916.

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How Can You Do It Additions

This week I added 3 more of Dwig’s “How Can You Do It on ____ Per?” cards to my collection. I have been slacking in the Dwig department over the past year and haven’t bought too many of his cards. … Continue reading

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Hearty Christmas Wishes

“Hearty Christmas Wishes. Plenty of Good Cheer, Good friends ever near.” This Clapsaddle card was mailed from Buffalo on December 21, 1916. It is one of a series of 4. The three children and their dog are spying to see … Continue reading

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Dulk Birthday Daffodil

I have written about artist Dulk’s birthday flower girls before, but since my birthday was yesterday I wanted to show this daffodil girl by Dulk. The poem reads “From Your Friend: Dear friend on your birthday, what more can I … Continue reading

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You’re Convicted of Being a Poor Correspondent!

Next time someone doesn’t respond to you, send them this postcard! “You’re convicted of being a poor correspondent.” This cute judge was done by Charles Twelvetrees, and used to be the header across my blog awhile back. It was mailed … Continue reading

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Box of Chocolates

This black Americana card by Charles Twelvetrees was mailed on May 23, 1916. The front of it says “Here’s the box of chocolates I promised you.” The card is series number 864, which also consists of blackberries,¬†peaches, and strawberries (haven’t … Continue reading

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