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Danny Meadow Mouse

  Well I was all excited because I bid on Quaddy postcards on an auction site other than eBay and the other usual places and was told the cards listed were postally used, and they WEREN’T. They would have completed … Continue reading

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Happy Jack Squirrel

“This little “Quaddy” loves to curve His Tail above his back And everybody love the rogue Who’s name is Happy Jack.” This card of Happy Jack Squirrel is a Quaddy card. I recently won him and Danny Meadow Mouse, making … Continue reading

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Big Hug!

This little boy that Charles Twelvetrees created is about to be gobbled up by a big bear under the mistletoe! “A Merry Christmas and a Big Hug.” This card was published by Edward Gross Co. and postmarked at the Washington … Continue reading

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Cute Valentine’s Day Message

It looks like this message was written from a child to a friend. “Happy birthday and hope you get lots of Valentines Dorothy Corcoran.” It was sent to Miss Hazel Murphy in Copenhagen, New York in 1917. I wonder if … Continue reading

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I Have a Great Future

This chubby baby by Charles Twelvetrees says “Folks all say I have a great future-sideways.” The card is copyright 1917 by S. Bergman, and it is a traditional Twelvetrees chubby kid in baby form. I like his little beady eyes.

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