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Early Rare Dwig Series

This postcard is part of a very early Dwig series from 1902. The publisher is H.T.C. & Co., and unfortunately I can’t find very much information about them. The front of the card has print and was also written on, … Continue reading

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New Type of Postcard Discovered

At my September postcard  meeting I was browsing through my dealer friend Jim’s new stock. I came across two similar postcards from the American Journal Examiner that instructed the reader to heat the postcard up with a flat-iron, gas jet or … Continue reading

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Majestic Theater Building

There are many Chicago buildings or locations I post about that are no longer in existence. But the Majestic Theater Building still stands in Chicago, albeit under a different name. The theater was opened in 1906 and became the tallest … Continue reading

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King Joy Lo

When I think of Chinese restaurants in America, I always think it’s a relatively newer trend from the 50s or 60s. That is why I was surprised when I found this advertising postcard for the King Joy Lo restaurant in … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Valentine Greeting by Ellen Clapsaddle. Mailed February 13, 1906. Whitney boy and girl, mailed February 13, 1922. Cute stick figure postcard. “I love pretty flowers, and I love candy, too, ’cause they’re sweet … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Wise that Visit

This card isn’t chastising people who don’t write, but instead people who don’t visit! This threatening owl was sent to Amelia in 1906 from Eva, who I am guessing was a friend of hers. The message on the front starts … Continue reading

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Ullman Senses Series

I got this series on eBay for $9.99 several months ago. It is published by Ullman and contains five cards that show each of the five senses. To the right the smelling girl is smelling a rose, tasting is eating soup … Continue reading

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Twelvetrees Days of the Week

Charles Twelvetrees did a series for the National Art company that was every day of the week with two girls on them. Sunday’s girls are at church, Monday’s girls are dancing, Tuesday (to the right) they are shopping, Wednesday is … Continue reading

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Seasons of the Year

I call this series the Sunbonnets Seasons. Even though they are not sunbonnets, they are published by Ullman and Bernhardt Wall is the artist, just like all the sunbonnet series I have showcased thus far. Seasons series number 57 is … Continue reading

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Postcard with Cool Handwriting

This undivided back postcard published by V.O. Hammon has fancy loopy handwriting. It was postmarked in 1906, and sent to Agnes Pederson. The sender wrote a message on the bottom of the front of the card in another language.

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