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Art Institute of Chicago Hold to Light

This is a Koehler hold to light postcard of the Art Institute of Chicago. It is interesting because the moon isn’t yellow, and the windows aren’t either. Usually on these cards the sun or moon will be yellow and the … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: One of My First Posts

Koehler published hold to light cards are beautiful no matter what city they are from, but especially when it is a card of Chicago! My 4th blog post ever from December 2010 was about a Chicago HTL card. Check it … Continue reading

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Newest Chicago Hold to Light

For Christmas I received a hold to light card of the Reflectory and Boat Station in Lincoln Park, Chicago. I am pretty sure “reflectory” is a play on the word refectory since this is a hold to light card. It … Continue reading

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Germans and Postcards

I found a great article awhile ago at Postcardy.comĀ from a 1902 issue of Cosmopolitan titled “The Postal-Card Craze.” In it, a visitor describes different areas in Europe and their relationship to postcards. He even mentions hold to light cards. Here … Continue reading

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Alfred Holzman

A postcard of a postcard factory! This card features the factory of the Alfred Holzman Company in Chicago, the largest building in America devoted exclusively to the manufacture of postcards. Besides scenes of Chicago, Holzman also manufactured holiday cards, and … Continue reading

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Interesting Postcard Message- Shows Entire Top

This Hold to Light postcard features the Masonic Temple in Chicago. It is published by Koehler and postmarked 1909. It was sent from someone with the initials JHA to Mr. C.M. Long, saying: “I have been very careful to select … Continue reading

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Chicago Hold to Light by Koehler

This is a hold to light postcard published by J. Koehler, hand dated 1915. Though not postally used, I had to buy this postcard. I came across it on eBay for sale buy it now, 4.99. The seller did not … Continue reading

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