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York Postcard Show Recap

More than two weeks have already passed since York happened, crazy! I got home that night, scanned everything in, and then left for Florida the next day. Rarest find- The Court of the Golden Fountains, Hippodrome, New York Hold to … Continue reading

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Message from a Solider: P.F.C. Arthur Zellner

“Hello Hank, Hoping everything is fine. Had a chance to visit Brussels, Belgium. What a place. Everything is as modern as New York. Nite clubs and all, and just as expensive. Everytime I opened my mouth it cost me a … Continue reading

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Too Good to be True #2

I have totally slacked over the last month! The weather stopped being nice and I started to get lazy after work. At my club’s meeting last weekend I got a bunch of soldier’s mail cards, including the “Too Good to … Continue reading

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Fort Benning, Georgia

Fort Benning’s history goes back to October 1918¬†for basic training during World War I. Per armybases.org– “Today, the Infantry School as well as the permanent buildings that were completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps are still at Fort Benning. In … Continue reading

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Message from a Solider: Lt. R.L. Roudebush

“Dear Glad- Thought this might add to your collection. Letter following Yours, Bob.” This is a pretty basic message, however the interesting thing about this card is that is was postmarked in Okinawa (A.P.O. 902 at the time it was … Continue reading

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Message from a Soldier: Captain Nelson Taylor- Snow White #9

Stunned, the dwarfs find that something unusual is going on in the house. The 9th card of the Snow White series shows the dwarfs getting home from work, not knowing yet that Snow White is there. It was mailed August … Continue reading

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Postcards from Lieutenant Ray Bozeman to Ainsworth Mathews

Recently on eBay I found 4 postcards sent from a lieutenant to what I am guessing is his girlfriend in Andalusia, Alabama. French postcard with the word “theater” written on the front. The message on the back (hand dated March … Continue reading

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Messages from a Soldier: August D. Woeller

I got these two postcards sent from August Woeller to Doris Phillips on Sunday at my postcard meeting. They are two of the cutest messages I have from a soldier to a girlfriend: “Honey, to let you know I am … Continue reading

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