Message from a Solider: Lt. R.L. Roudebush


“Dear Glad- Thought this might add to your collection. Letter following Yours, Bob.”

This is a pretty basic message, however the interesting thing about this card is that is was postmarked in Okinawa (A.P.O. 902 at the time it was mailed). Out of the approximately 2,000 soldier’s mail cards I have, this might be the only card I have that was mailed from the Pacific Theater, most likely because it was mailed after Japan’s announcement of surrender.

August 6, 1945- Hiroshima bombed

August 9, 1945- Nagasaki bombed

August 15, 1945- Japan announces surrender (V-J Day)

August 22, 1945- Bob Roudebush mails postcard from Okinawa

September 2, 1945- Japan signs formal surrender agreement

September 4, 1945- Gladys Halsey receives Bob’s postcard

Below is the front of the card. It looks like farmers chopping down trees, and I have no idea what the text on the bottom translates as.


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