Messages from a Soldier: August D. Woeller

I got these two postcards sent from August Woeller to Doris Phillips on Sunday at my postcard meeting. They are two of the cutest messages I have from a soldier to a girlfriend:

“Honey, to let you know I am always thinking of you & not once have forgotten you while I’m away. Wish you were here all my love XX August.”

“My dear Doris Packing up all of me to come after you. Wish you were here now. Miss you so Lots of love. Yours XXX August.”

Both of these cards were mailed in 1944. I just had to know whether August made it home to Doris, so I Googled his name, which I at first thought was Wallen or Waller. When I couldn’t find any information that way, I Googled “Doris Phillips Millville,” and found her obituary. It stated that she was the wife of the late August D. Woeller, and he died in 1995 I later found. So they did get married and had children. At the time these cards were mailed, August was 28 and Doris was 22.

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4 Responses to Messages from a Soldier: August D. Woeller

  1. Mandy says:

    Aww, that’s sweet! Hmm, now I’m thinking maybe I should look into the history of some of my own messages!

  2. moore5145 says:

    Yes, it’s amazing what you can find sometimes!

  3. Paul says:

    very kool , I’m Paul Woeller

    • moore5145 says:

      I’m glad you found this! Are you their son or grandson? I would love to know more info about them! I am about to begin doing research for a book I want to write in the future on postcards that were mailed to sweethearts during the war.

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