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Happy for Family Photo

What I love about the card below is the three different facial expressions of the children. The boy on the right makes the card, it looks like he’s thinking “I’m too cool for this.” The girl in the middle looks … Continue reading

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Red Cross Shoes Card #4

There was a couple week span on eBay where I had won a few Red Cross Shoes cards, including the ones below. This card features Red Cross Shoes in white with a sign that says “This way to cool summer … Continue reading

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Sad Postcard Message: Cash All Gone

“Yours just received. Send James Horne’s address to someone else. I can not send even a 5c gift, I’m doing more now than I’m supposed to do + have to drop all my pals + clubs I’m not well + … Continue reading

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Goofy Postcard Message- Punched All Your Faces

“Arrived safely Mrs. H. + I am in Siegel + Cooper doing the store I had a funny dream about you all last night. I thought I met all that was at the depot last night on your corner and … Continue reading

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American Falls

The American Falls are one of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls. While this card is pretty common, I got it at an antique store because I liked its colors. The American Falls are in New York, with … Continue reading

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Mystery Postcard Message- There are 66 of Us

Reading this message sent from Chicago to New York makes me laugh even though it is kind of a mystery, and you will see why: “Dear Bro. Garrett:- Just arrived here O.K. There are 66 of us- we were flying … Continue reading

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Card with Fancy Handwriting

Every once in awhile I like to point out postcards that have fancy handwriting (and that is actually legible). This address on the back of a Tuck postcard has very fancy handwriting with high loops. The card was sent to … Continue reading

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The Crossmon

I picked up this postcard the same day I bought the Hotel Royal Danieli Interior.┬áThis was only $1 as well. I like it because it shows an old hotel and the bay is nice too. This is The Crossmon on … Continue reading

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Cute Message- Sending you a Hat

“Dear Florence dont buy a hat now wait and see what i will send you about Friday you will get it and i know you will like has there will be some class to it and all you will have … Continue reading

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Postcards from the Collection of Titanic Survivor Lillian Bentham

This past October I went to a postcard show near my area. On the way home, I stopped by a consignment shop to see if I could continue my shopping streak and find anything else. I asked the owner if … Continue reading

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