Mystery Postcard Message- There are 66 of Us

Reading this message sent from Chicago to New York makes me laugh even though it is kind of a mystery, and you will see why: “Dear Bro. Garrett:- Just arrived here O.K. There are 66 of us- we were flying on automobiles around the town. Will drop word later in our journey. Best wishes, Bro. John.”

Since the salutation “brother” is used both for the sender and from the receiver, are they clergy men? I have never seen a postcard sent to someone mentioning a large group of people that were travelling together. 66 people on one trip is a rather large gathering. Or, instead of clergymen, were Garrett and John actually brothers? Riding in automobiles around Chicago was probably a big event for John, since cars started being mass produced in the United States only 9 years earlier. It would be interesting to see other postcards that Brother John had mailed on his visit to Chicago.

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