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Ocean City Zoo

I was on the boardwalk in Ocean City a few weekends ago, and there is actually a collectibles store there amongst all the souvenir stores. The first postcard in the boxes I looked at was this one- a real photo … Continue reading

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Happy for Family Photo

What I love about the card below is the three different facial expressions of the children. The boy on the right makes the card, it looks like he’s thinking “I’m too cool for this.” The girl in the middle looks … Continue reading

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Postcard Show Recap

Yesterday was my club’s postcard show. We had a great turnout and I got lots of great cards, including more Bronen brothers cards! The board I entered into our competition won best of show, so that was exciting. It was … Continue reading

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Unknown House RPPC

I thought I posted about this card before but I couldn’t find any posts, so if I did- here it is again! I got this card of a mansion at Brimfield.┬áIt has not been mailed, so I have no idea … Continue reading

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U.S.S. New Mexico

I recently won several lots of cards that were mailed from a sailor to his wife and children during WWII, and one of the cards was this RPPC of the U.S.S. New Mexico. The U.S.S. New Mexico was around to … Continue reading

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Pvt. Howard Shlay

I love real photo group shots from World War II because all the guys always look so happy in them. I guess it was a tradition at Fort Sheridan in Illinois, because that’s where all 4 that I have were … Continue reading

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My Postcard Sale of the Year

Taking a break from the Halloween posts today. Last weekend I stopped by a local antique store to browse through postcards, which there weren’t any except for a plastic bag full the main employee had in an office. I found … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Real Photo Postcards

We are all familiar with real photo postcards. Sometimes the subject matter is not printed on the front, but referred to in a message on the back. Sometimes the location is stated on the front of the card. But what … Continue reading

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Real Photo Panama Postcards

On South Street, Philadelphia there is an antique store called C. Neri’s, which has at least 1,000 lamps, chandeliers, etc. crammed into it. Not to mention all the lithographs and furniture as well. And tucked away was a stack of … Continue reading

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