Pvt. Howard Shlay

Fort Sheridan Group Shot

I love real photo group shots from World War II because all the guys always look so happy in them. I guess it was a tradition at Fort Sheridan in Illinois, because that’s where all 4 that I have were taken.

I had to battle with the seller of this card who had it on eBay for buy it now or best offer for way too much. After showing them some links to similar cards for less than $10 they finally accepted my lower offer, although I still paid more for this card than the others of this type.

I was willing to pay more because I found the sending soldier’s obituary online. His name was Howard Shlay, a Jewish Chicago native who served in the 100th Infantry Division. He received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star while serving in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. I am not sure which one he is in the picture, but it looks like there are two people with faint circles around their coats, perhaps he is one of them.


“P.S. Aint I handsome” is at the end of his message to his father. He passed away in 2002 from heart failure.

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2 Responses to Pvt. Howard Shlay

  1. ilyse brainin says:

    Howard Shlay was my cousin – He is the third one of the three.

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