Postcard Show Recap

Yesterday was my club’s postcard show. We had a great turnout and I got lots of great cards, including more Bronen brothers cards! The board I entered into our competition won best of show, so that was exciting. It was real photo cards of people with their dogs, which started out as a board idea and has turned into a new category of collecting for me. I haven’t posted any cards yet from that topic (other than the dachshunds in the wheelbarrow) because I was trying to keep my board topic a surprise. Now that the show is over, I can start posting my cards!


My board is pictured above. The board above it, which you can only see parts of 3 cards, came in 2nd place. It was a beautiful board of bird cards with real feathers on them.


One of my top 3 favorite cards from my board, showing a man and his dog sitting in chairs with pipes. I got this card from my postcard friend Jim at a club meeting.


One of the many RPPC dog cards I purchased yesterday.


I also found a decent amount of soldier’s mail yesterday, including a few Private Breger cards. “Miss Jones, will you kindly leave for a few moments? You’re raising his temperature several degrees!”

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4 Responses to Postcard Show Recap

  1. Harrise Kall says:

    Great cards!!

  2. Congrats!
    These cards are magnificent and show the deep soul of your country!

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