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Box of Chocolates

This black Americana card by Charles Twelvetrees was mailed on May 23, 1916. The front of it says “Here’s the box of chocolates I promised you.” The card is series number 864, which also consists of blackberries,┬ápeaches, and strawberries (haven’t … Continue reading

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Postcard Hobby Alive and Well

I like this article from Antique Trader about the success of postcards at auction back in 2009 at the Lyn Knight gallery. “A wide variety of Samuel L Schmucker postcards including full silk, silk inserts, projections and novelty postcards were … Continue reading

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Iss Yo’ Fond of Blackberries, Honey?

This Charles Twelvetrees card features two children in a little carton, with the caption reading “Iss Yo’ Fond of Blackberries, Honey?” The sender on the back wrote: “Did you ever see any blackberries like these before? We have our phone … Continue reading

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A Sampling of Cards Found at my Grandmom’s

If you’ve already read the About section on my blog you know how I started collecting postcards, and you get to see again! If you’re not aware, here is the story of love at first sight. My grandmom died when … Continue reading

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Black Americana Stork Postcard

When I first started out collecting postcards, cards about storks interested me, so I have a few. One that I found online of interest was the card below. At the time, I didn’t know Black Americana cards were such a … Continue reading

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