A Sampling of Cards Found at my Grandmom’s

If you’ve already read the About section on my blog you know how I started collecting postcards, and you get to see again! If you’re not aware, here is the story of love at first sight.

My grandmom died when I was a senior in high school. Fall semester of my freshman year in college, it was time to go through her house and pack everything up to keep or donate. Towards the end of the day, I was looking around in the basement and my grandfather’s work room, which was down there.  As I was walking out to go up the stairs I saw a green and white gift looking box sitting on a cabinet.

I went over and opened it, not expecting to find anything since they were off to the side and in the basement. But when I opened the box there were postcards that were my great-grandmother’s, Amelia Ayles. In this collection were 16 mint Halloween cards, some sunbonnets, real photo

cards (mostly Pennsylvania), and other holiday cards.

When I took them upstairs, I asked my parents and my grandmom’s executor if I could have them. They both said of course, an appraiser that came through would just sell them if no one took them. Luckily, the appraiser found them in a crawl space and they placed the box where I found it. If they hadn’t looked in there, who knows what would have happened to the cards!

These cards were just the beginning. My mom told me there were people who collect postcards and I was shocked. Who would want to collect old smelly paper? I looked on eBay the next few days and started buying any cards I could find that I liked, focusing on no particular topic. Then I realized you have to narrow it down because there are so many cards out there, with no direction you could go crazy.

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3 Responses to A Sampling of Cards Found at my Grandmom’s

  1. Ryan Buck says:

    Good afternoon. I am the Director of Sales and Events at the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel. I am so glad you enjoyed this postcard from our past. The English Room is fully restored now (with a few fun contemporary twists) and I’d love for you to see it. Please contact me in the event your travels bring you to Chicago.

    -Ryan Buck

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  3. Mandy says:

    I know this is a crazy thing to ask but I’m at a loss! I’m looking for Edward Gross Co. from April (23rd ?) 1913 with a picture of a young girl swinging a diamond ring between her legs with the words ‘Who wants to ring a little belle”. Is this anything you might be familiar with?
    Sincerest thanks for your time!

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