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Ocean City Zoo

I was on the boardwalk in Ocean City a few weekends ago, and there is actually a collectibles store there amongst all the souvenir stores. The first postcard in the boxes I looked at was this one- a real photo … Continue reading

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Beach Day in February

Today it was in the mid-60s, so I drove down to the shore to Ocean City. The weather was perfect, and there were so many people down there today. I had to wait 35 minutes for Mack & Manco’s (now … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was in Ocean City and saw plenty of the seashore’s favorite flower- hydrangeas! This card was mailed from Ocean City in 1960. There is a website called Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas! and they have all the information you could ever … Continue reading

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Greetings from Ocean City

Just a quick post today of a linen “Greetings from Ocean City” postcard since today would have been the perfect beach day! The card was mailed in 1942. Of particular note are the Flanders Hotel in the T and Music … Continue reading

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Hotel Biscayne

This Hotel Biscayne in Ocean City postcard was one of Amelia’s. It was sent to her in November 1911, one month after Woodrow Wilson stayed here. In a 1905 newsletter, the Westminster, it advertises the hotel as facing the ocean, … Continue reading

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Curt Teich Postcard Archives

The Curt Teich Postcard ArchivesĀ are a valuable resource if you collect any Curt Teich series, V.O. Hammon cards, or even Century of Progress postcards. They have over 5,000 V.O. Hammon postcards, 3,000 Century of Progress postcards, over 100,000 Curt Teich … Continue reading

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Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City New Jersey was founded in 1879 by four Methodist ministers, and the island still holds to the same Christian ideals today. Ocean City is a dry town- luckily there is a huge liquor store in the next town … Continue reading

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