Amelia Ayles

Amelia Ayles was the owner of the postcards I found at my grandmom’s. She was my grandfather’s mom, on my mom’s side. She was an English teacher, and emphasized education for all 8 of her children. 3 sons became attorneys, 1 son was in insurance, my grandfather was an engineer, and all 3 of her daughters were teachers. She also had one son, a 9th child, who died at 3 years old from diabetes. The picture of her to the left is when she was in her 80’s.

Daughter of John Ayles and Rose Schumacher, Amelia grew up in Philadelphia and lived in Woodbury, New Jersey on Delaware Street when she was older. She married Josiah DuBois, an expert appraiser and banking representative in Camden, New Jersey. Josiah is featured on the picture to the bottom left, probably in his 40s. The postcard of the Conistoga Traction Co. Bridge in Marietta, Pennsylvania was sent to her from Joe in 1911, before they were married. The message reads “This certainly is a slow old town.”

Once married, Joe built the white house (bottom right) in Ocean City, New Jersey and they spent their summers there. It was built before the depression in either the late 19teens of early 1920’s. The small white garage on the left of the postcard is the servants quarters.

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5 Responses to Amelia Ayles

  1. diane moore says:

    I LOVE this!!! I found it very interesting and I am oh so proud of you!!!

  2. Chris says:


    I am your second cousin, Chris. My grandfather, Herbert, was your grandfather’s older brother. My wife and I were very close with your grandfather and we had frequent visits with him throughout the years. I am so surprised and excited to see all the memoribilia that you have from Nanna Du. I would to share more information with you. We have been trying to get more information about her and her family tree.

  3. Chris says:

    The summer house in O.C. was built in 1924. Your grandfather was born in that house in the upstairs sun porch to the right.

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