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That’s What They All Say- Millionaire

Five years ago I posted two of my cards from Dwig’s “That’s What They All Say!” series. I have added six others to my collection since then, including the card below. An old lady is looking annoyed as a young, … Continue reading

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King Joy Lo

When I think of Chinese restaurants in America, I always think it’s a relatively newer trend from the 50s or 60s. That is why I was surprised when I found this advertising postcard for the King Joy Lo restaurant in … Continue reading

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Woodside Pavilion in Charlestown, New Hampshire

This card does not fit into anything I collect, but I found it this weekend at my postcard club meeting and thought it was super cute. The title on the front is “Woodside Pavilion, Charlestown, N.H.” It was mailed March … Continue reading

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This January card from Tuck’s Sentiments of the Months series (#200) is a good example of how some month’s birth flowers, birthstones, and zodiac signs have changed since the early 1900s. On this card, which was mailed on March 1, … Continue reading

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Jackson Park Golf Links

This week is the U.S. Open and I was lucky enough to go to one of the practice days this week. I saw Tiger Woods on two holes and a bunch of other golfers whose names I don’t really remember, … Continue reading

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How Can You Do It Additions

This week I added 3 more of Dwig’s “How Can You Do It on ____ Per?” cards to my collection. I have been slacking in the Dwig department over the past year and haven’t bought too many of his cards. … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Valentine Greeting by Ellen Clapsaddle. Mailed February 13, 1906. Whitney boy and girl, mailed February 13, 1922. Cute stick figure postcard. “I love pretty flowers, and I love candy, too, ’cause they’re sweet … Continue reading

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Blue Clapsaddle Thanksgiving Series

Thanksgiving is almost here, and this Thanksgiving series by Clapsaddle features a vibrant blue background (with white borders, but my scanner cut some of them off) with four little chefs. Each chef is holding a different part of the turkey … Continue reading

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The Toad

My uncle found this card at an antique shop and sent it to me. The Toad is the rock formation with the man standing on it, I’m assuming, and is located in the “Park of the Red Rocks and Garden … Continue reading

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A Few Thousand Letters

“Dear Marie: Don’t suppose you know you owe anybody a few thousand letters! Address me Hotel La Salle- Much Love- (can’t tell name).” Sent in 1910 to Mrs. Marie Kirk. Yet another postcard that is chastising the receiver about not … Continue reading

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