This January card from Tuck’s Sentiments of the Months series (#200) is a good example of how some month’s birth flowers, birthstones, and zodiac signs have changed since the early 1900s. On this card, which was mailed on March 1, 1910, you can see the snowdrop is the flower, garnet is the birthstone, and the zodiac sign is Aquarius.

According to birthgems.org, carnations are January’s flower, which represent love, fascination, and distinction. Underneath the snowdrop on this card, you can see friendship, hope, and consolation were the traits for the January.

The zodiac sign is Capricorn, which is from December 20-January 20. Aquarius is for birthdays on January 21-February 19. The garnet as the birthstone remains unchanged. “No gems save garnets should be worn By her who in this month is born.” Not too many options for jewelry if you were born in January. 😉

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One Response to January

  1. harrise says:

    Love these cards! Will have to look to see which ones I own!

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