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Cy De Vry

It’s finally here, my post about Cy De Vry that’s been in the queue for months. There is a very common card published by V.O. Hammon (pulling the image from CardCow below since I don’t own it for some reason) … Continue reading

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Ice Skating at Lincoln Park

There is another group of winter storms coming through! Unfortunately, it’s not nice out enough to go ice skating like these people ice skating in Lincoln Park, Chicago. This card was mailed in January 17, 1913. Be safe if you … Continue reading

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Greetings from Chicago

There are a variety of “Greetings from Chicago” postcards. Large letter, multi-views, leather, pennants, and the list goes on. They are fun to collect because you never know what you might find on them. Leather “Greetings from Chicago” postmarked in … Continue reading

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Newest Chicago Hold to Light

For Christmas I received a hold to light card of the Reflectory and Boat Station in Lincoln Park, Chicago. I am pretty sure “reflectory” is a play on the word refectory since this is a hold to light card. It … Continue reading

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Book Review: Greetings from Chicago

Greetings from Chicago by Mary Martin and Nathaniel Woflgang-Price is a book about, surprise surprise- Chicago! The nice thing about this book is it’s divided up by category- Hospitals, Skyscrapers, etc. The pages are shown and there are lots of … Continue reading

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