Greetings from Chicago

There are a variety of “Greetings from Chicago” postcards. Large letter, multi-views, leather, pennants, and the list goes on. They are fun to collect because you never know what you might find on them.

Leather “Greetings from Chicago” postmarked in 1906.

“Greetings from Chicago” multi-view, postmarked 1907. Views seen here include the Public Library, Union Stockyards, Field Museum, High Bridge in Lincoln Park, Art Institute, Seal Pond in Lincoln Park, Chrysanthemum Show in Lincoln Park, State Street, Auditorium and Annex, and Masonic Temple.

“Greetings from Chicago” with views in the background. Postmarked 1937.

One of a series of views throughout Chicago. This shows South Water Street, and was postmarked in 1908.

This card doesn’t say Greetings, but it is still basically sending a message from Chicago. Pennant card with the Wrigley Building on the side, postmarked 1923.

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5 Responses to Greetings from Chicago

  1. Mandy says:

    Is that last card from before the north tower of the Wrigley Building was constructed,or is it just obstructed from view somehow? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of just the south tower before!

  2. Louise Wile says:

    these are fun to view! Keep up the great work! I spent a lot of time in Chicago, growing up – had a job in Highland Park circa 1964 so went in to Chicago on my day off. Marshall Field was the first department store when I rode an escalator (in the 1950s). And those pneumatic tubes! Have lots of fun memories of the place, including the miniature rooms at the museum. My daughter just went to Chicago for a concert. She enjoyed her weekend there.

  3. moore5145 says:

    Thanks Louise! Yes it is great, I am hoping to go back after graduation, it sounds like you have lots of great memories from your visits 🙂

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