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Beach Time!

I’ll be heading down the shore this weekend to hopefully get tan! Maybe I’ll find this little guy waiting for me.

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Summer Furniture

Let’s forget about the impending snowstorm this weekend and stroll through an aisle in the Summer Furniture Exhibit at Marshall Field & Co. It’s a never-ending row of white and green wicker furniture. I especially like the columns of ladies … Continue reading

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Dwig Pipe Dreams- Summer Days

Dwig’s “Pipe Dreams” series published by Raphael Tuck & Sons is a similar art style to his Facts and Fancies series. It doesn’t look like a typical Dwig. This is series no. 122 and there are a total of 6 … Continue reading

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Seasons of the Year

I call this series the Sunbonnets Seasons. Even though they are not sunbonnets, they are published by Ullman and Bernhardt Wall is the artist, just like all the sunbonnet series I have showcased thus far. Seasons series number 57 is … Continue reading

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Alfred Holzman

A postcard of a postcard factory! This card features the factory of the Alfred Holzman Company in Chicago, the largest building in America devoted exclusively to the manufacture of postcards. Besides scenes of Chicago, Holzman also manufactured holiday cards, and … Continue reading

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