Mayer Shoes

A few weeks ago when I was antiquing I saw three postcards in a case that were for F. Mayer Boot and Shoe Co., in Milwaukee. What caught my eye is that the cards could be cut out and turned into paper dolls. They seem to be different nationalities- Gretchen is Dutch, John is from the U.S., and Gladys looks potentially Scottish?

Before I made the purchase, I went on to eBay and only found one of these listed, a Chinese girl named Yum Yum, for $125. So I bought these three cards at $22, and the next day was looking online for more. I found Yum Yum and an Eskimo card from this series for a total of $15 on Etsy. 🙂 I am not sure how many cards are in the series, but I have 5 and have seen another, George, that I don’t have on Google images.




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Ocean City Zoo

rppc dog_0595.jpg

I was on the boardwalk in Ocean City a few weekends ago, and there is actually a collectibles store there amongst all the souvenir stores. The first postcard in the boxes I looked at was this one- a real photo card of the “Zoo” at 716 Wesley Ave in Ocean City, NJ. Even though there are a lot of fake animals on the lawn, this still fits into my category of “RPPC People with Dogs,” since there are two real dogs on the porch and a man in the upper right corner.

Animals in the zoo include birds, dogs, cats, a penguin, frogs, snakes. What else do you see? My favorite is the penguin-

rppc dog_0595

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Princess Theater, Chicago

The Princess Theater in Chicago had its grand opening on June 1, 1908. “A Stubborn Cinderella,” with the great actor John Barrymore, was the opening show. In the theater one could find new scenery, flowers, and pretty women in costumes “that would shame everything but a rainbow.”


From, it sounds like the best part about the new theater was the air system-

“By means of a ventilation system the air in the theater is changed every three minutes. It is drawn through cloths and purified as it is brought in, then run through a series of pipes, which heat or cool it, according to the atmospheric conditions.”

The theater was demolished in 1941 to house a parking lot in the spot.


This card was mailed in May 1912 from Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska. It is part of the “I Will” series, number 183C. The sender noted that he “had a fine time last night with one of these choir girl of this theater but was not like (the recipient).”

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Early Rare Dwig Series

dwig htc_0001

This postcard is part of a very early Dwig series from 1902. The publisher is H.T.C. & Co., and unfortunately I can’t find very much information about them. The front of the card has print and was also written on, as this was an undivided back card. It happened to be mailed not until 1906.

“The beauty of a woman’s mind/Is chief among her graces;/Yet minds are not made up, we find,/So readily as faces.”

The woman is putting makeup on, using a stack of books (including Darwin & the Bible) as her stand. A love letter and some money has also fallen out from the stack.

I happened to find this card in an eBay suggested listing of a lot of 3 women postcards. This is the only mailed one I have seen from this series- a few were listed on eBay unused for $40/each.

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Funny Message: Grape Juice


“Dear Sis:- Please send me your recipe for grape juice, at once. Arrive in town today, will write more later. All are well, would like you all to visit us soon. Lovingly Anna.”

I was looking through a 25 cent box at a postcard club meeting recently and actually laughed out loud when I read this message. Who would have thought that there could be such a sense of urgency around a recipe for grape juice?

Grape juice was invented in 1869 by Thomas Bramwell Welch as a substitute to alcoholic wine in church services. Perhaps Anna’s sister made a better batch.

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Indian Motorcycle Dog Card

My real photo cards of dogs with people are divided into multiple subcategories, one of which is dogs with bikes. Something caught this dog’s attention further away in the field, but I liked the card below because not only is the younger boy on a bike, a man and a woman are in an Indian motorcycle with a sidecar. Plus, their shirts are also Indian motorcycle shirts. Looks like a crew that you wouldn’t want to mess with. 🙂

rppc dog_0551

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Postcarding Update

Long time no see! Even though it has been awhile since I last posted, the postcard searching and buying has been going strong! I have been focusing on my Dwig cards lately, as I have made a checklist of all his series and I am working through completing it. Life has been busy with work, going to grad school, travel, and getting ready to move, but rest assured, more posts will begin soon!

To hold you over, below are two cards from This is a series I stumbled upon in one of my saved searches on eBay, but I don’t own any right now. They are part of the “Window Garden Series” from Tuck, and there is also a “Window Garden Series II.” These postcards were meant to be cut out and then you would have little paper pots with paper flowers in them. Keep your eyes peeled- TuckDB has the estimate for these cards at $75/each!



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