Unknown House RPPC

I thought I posted about this card before but I couldn’t find any posts, so if I did- here it is again! I got this card of a mansion at Brimfield. It has not been mailed, so I have no idea where it would have been located. I liked this card because of how fancy the house looks, and I also like the way the trees look swirly from moving while the photo was taken. Someone famous could have lived here, we’ll never know!


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That’s What They All Say- Heart Palpitations



This Dwig card from the “That’s What They All Say” series shows a snooty looking fellow telling a girl “You are the only girl who evah caused my heart to palpitate.” But she knows he’s full of crap! Instead of falling for his lines, she whips out her sign that says “That’s what they all say.”

The sender on the back wrote upside down along the top edge of the card “What do you know about this?”

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Message from a Soldier: Bronen Brothers #6


“Dear Mom + Pop, I still don’t know if I will have time to finish the letter I started yesterday, but I will send one to you, a big one. Love Jack.”

Maybe Jack would be able to finish his letters if he stopped sending postcards! The last Bronen brothers card was mailed by Jack on March 3, 1944, just like this card. The front of this card  is also from Basic Training Center #10 again in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I don’t know why tonight was the first time I Googled “Jack Bronen WWII,” but I found a music store in the Bronx called Bronen Music, and it was founded by Benjamin Bronen, Jack’s dad, in 1915. There is a picture on the website of Jack, Sid, and Murray when they were kids. Jack and Sidney were twins.

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Drew Field


Drew Field was an airfield during World War II in Tampa, Florida. It originally opened as a municipal airport in the late 1920s. Then in 1940, the Army decided to lease Drew Field for 25 years (but in 1946 the federal government would receive it). The Third Air Force used Drew Field for training tens of thousands of men. Some of these men would get a chance to be featured in Drew Field Echoes, a newsletter that was published every Friday by a team of privates, with a corporal editor who used to be at the Baltimore Sun.

This card was mailed exactly 2 years after Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1943. It wasn’t mailed from a soldier, but it was mailed to a soldier. The sender doesn’t sound like he really knows the recipient, perhaps he was part of a card exchange club.

“12/6/43. Hello: Thanks for your nice view, I am hoping when this war over we can exchange views again. We have nephew in S. Pacific some where have had a folder from there. Best wishes always, Sincerely Mr W.H. Westmoreland 5909 Dexter Ave Tampa 4. Fla.”

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Cornell Cupid

I posted couple years ago about my Twelvetrees Yale cupid and the fact that this series is on the rarer side. Well, I had never even seen the Cornell card before, so when it popped up on eBay as buy it now, I snagged it. It has some condition issues, but I can always upgrade it if I find another one later on.

The bottom of the card has Cornell’s cheer, “Cornell I yell yell yell Cornell.” The third page of this Cornell Daily Sun from June 1897 gives a full background on the history of the cheer. Thirteen years later in June 1910 this card was mailed.🙂


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Majestic Theater Building


There are many Chicago buildings or locations I post about that are no longer in existence. But the Majestic Theater Building still stands in Chicago, albeit under a different name.

The theater was opened in 1906 and became the tallest building in Chicago at 20 stories high. It closed during the depression in 1932, was purchased and reopened as the Sam Shubert Theater in the 1940s, and is presently known as The PrivateBank Theatre. It was a big spot for vaudeville (I think you can see the word “vaudeville” on the sign towards the front of the card by the sidewalk), and the Marx Brothers have performed there before (my favorites)!

The card was mailed in 1911 with the message “One of our many theaters.” It is part of the I Will series published by Acme.

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Christmas in July- Kewpies 2!


This is my favorite Kewpie Christmas card that I have. I love how it has so many Kewpies on it (16!), more than the usual Kewpie card it seems. It was mailed on December 23, 1919, exactly 96 years and 7 months ago from today.

“Oh, if your chimney is too small The Kewpies do not care at all They lower Santa down the wall. They somehow, get him in, I hear All bundled up with Christmas cheer And warm good wishes for my dear.”

It was a steal on eBay a few months ago, I think the seller had it up for Buy it Now $6, which is great compared to the $15-$30 a card Kewpies usually go for.

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