Message from a Soldier: Sgt. K. Rowe


“Hello folks, Met Miss Texas, Michigan + Chicago today of the beauty contest. They came over to squadron headquarters to visit our outfit. If I can find time will send you a picture of them and also the winner of the finals Sat. evening.”

This is the message Sgt. K. Rowe wrote on an Atlantic City card of the convention hall, then mailed on September 11, 1942. The 1942 Miss America pageant was held the next day on September 12, 1942.

Lucky for Sgt. Rowe, Miss Texas won Miss America that year. A LIFE magazine article from September 28, 1942 describes the evening:

“Last fortnight before 3,500 pairs of ogling eyes Jo-Carroll Dennison, a terrific torso from Tyler, Texas, took title to “Miss America- 1942” in a skin-tight contest with blonde Bette Brunk, a chesty charmer from Chicago. Right from the word “show,” the Atlantic City audience, including hundreds of Army, Navy and Coast Guard men, favored “Miss Texas” to win what should be the last gasp of municipal exhibitionism in wartime America. The sailors and soldiers sat in the balcony, but they saw enough of the winner to make their eyes pop.”

The article also states that Miss Chicago cried on the stage after Miss Texas’ crowd pleasing┬árendition of “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

Image from You can see Miss Texas on the right hand side, with Miss Michigan three girls away from her, and Miss Chicago is third from the left hand side.

Jo-Carroll Dennison

Jo-Carroll Dennison in an image from

In an article from March 2011, Dennison said being Miss America “was an extraordinary job. I went to military bases all the time and the soldiers were so enthusiastic and treated me with such respect.” In the 1980s and 1990s, she worked in hospice care as a community relations director.

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Postcard Show Recap

Yesterday was my club’s postcard show. We had a great turnout and I got lots of great cards, including more Bronen brothers cards! The board I entered into our competition won best of show, so that was exciting. It was real photo cards of people with their dogs, which started out as a board idea and has turned into a new category of collecting for me. I haven’t posted any cards yet from that topic (other than the dachshunds in the wheelbarrow) because I was trying to keep my board topic a surprise. Now that the show is over, I can start posting my cards!


My board is pictured above. The board above it, which you can only see parts of 3 cards, came in 2nd place. It was a beautiful board of bird cards with real feathers on them.


One of my top 3 favorite cards from my board, showing a man and his dog sitting in chairs with pipes. I got this card from my postcard friend Jim at a club meeting.


One of the many RPPC dog cards I purchased yesterday.


I also found a decent amount of soldier’s mail yesterday, including a few Private Breger cards. “Miss Jones, will you kindly leave for a few moments? You’re raising his temperature several degrees!”

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South Jersey Postcard Club Show!


My postcard club’s show has been in May the last few years, but this year it got switched up and it will be happening next Saturday! Come out December 3rd to the Double Tree Suites at 515 Fellowship Road in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Admission is free and the show will be from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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WWI Devil Dogs Returning Home


The card above is from WWI, which I only buy soldier’s mail from WWI when I find cards in quarter boxes. This card isn’t even soldier’s mail, it is unused, but I thought the image was really neat. You can see sailors helping to dock the ship, the old American flag, etc. The text says “”Devil Dogs” U.S.S. Marines arriving Naval Base Hampton Roads, VA: U.S.A. Returning over sea service August 8- 1919 U.S.S. Sidney Troop Ship.”

A quick Google search reveals that the nickname “Devil Dogs” is derived from the Germans calling the Marines “Dogs from Hell” at the Battle of Belleau Wood, which took place in June 1918.

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Dedication to Mary Lou


My neighbor, Mary Lou, who lived behind my parents’ house passed away on Monday night. She was like my other grand-mom, and today was her funeral. Since she didn’t have any children or much family, my parents organized everything for the funeral and my family was lined up by her for the visitors who came. She was the most selfless and grateful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I wish I had spent more time visiting her. Thankfully, I just visited with her two Sundays ago, but Thanksgiving and Christmas this year will be sad since she won’t be there.

She loved dachshunds, and used to have one named Gretchen. Gretchen was like her child, she was even buried in a pet cemetery, and Mary Lou had a forever love for dachshunds. I emailed her last Thursday a few pictures from Instagram of dachshunds and she emailed me back Saturday about how happy that made her. The card above shows a man with two dachshunds in his wheelbarrow, so I am posting this card for her. I told her I needed to bring this and some other cards over to show her when I last saw her.

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Veterans Day

Thank you to all our veterans of the past and present! Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today!


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Message from a Sailor: Frank Laine

“Dearest Patty: How’s your scrap book coming, dear? I’m afraid I’ve just about run out of pictures but will keep on looking. Love Daddy.”

I have several cards from Specialist Frank Laine that he sent to his daughter of Hawaii. He was in the Navy, and a Specialist (Q) means he was a┬áCommunications Specialist, Cryptologist, Cryptanalyst, Radio Intelligence Technician, or Registered Publications Clerk. All of the cards have tape marks on them, probably from being in Patty’s scrap book. This card was mailed to Patty in Irvington, NJ in August of 1945.


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