Princess Theater, Chicago

The Princess Theater in Chicago had its grand opening on June 1, 1908. “A Stubborn Cinderella,” with the great actor John Barrymore, was the opening show. In the theater one could find new scenery, flowers, and pretty women in costumes “that would shame everything but a rainbow.”


From, it sounds like the best part about the new theater was the air system-

“By means of a ventilation system the air in the theater is changed every three minutes. It is drawn through cloths and purified as it is brought in, then run through a series of pipes, which heat or cool it, according to the atmospheric conditions.”

The theater was demolished in 1941 to house a parking lot in the spot.


This card was mailed in May 1912 from Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska. It is part of the “I Will” series, number 183C. The sender noted that he “had a fine time last night with one of these choir girl of this theater but was not like (the recipient).”

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  1. Louise WIle says:

    interesting air handling system… always becomes a parking lot

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