York Postcard Show Recap

More than two weeks have already passed since York happened, crazy! I got home that night, scanned everything in, and then left for Florida the next day.


Rarest find- The Court of the Golden Fountains, Hippodrome, New York Hold to Light. There was a dealer who had a lot of Koehler HTL cards, so I took a look for Chicago (which I did find the Stock Yards HTL card), but this one caught my eye. The colors on it are so bright and the picture here doesn’t do it justice. According to the dealer, it is the second rarest Koehler HTL card. I ended up buying it even though it will go to my miscellaneous section, and I’m glad I didn’t leave it there. Upon some Googling, the only other one I found was the one Leonard Lauder donated to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston here.


Best bargain- There was a dealer there who is also a stamp guy that had a lot of 20 WWI & WWII soldier’s mail cards for $5. I obviously couldn’t pass it up. 🙂


Most exciting- I finally completed my Dwig Fortune Teller series by finding the above card postally used (finally).


Cutest find- I got the above puzzle set when I saw it being displayed on someone’s table.

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