Mayer Shoes

A few weeks ago when I was antiquing I saw three postcards in a case that were for F. Mayer Boot and Shoe Co., in Milwaukee. What caught my eye is that the cards could be cut out and turned into paper dolls. They seem to be different nationalities- Gretchen is Dutch, John is from the U.S., and Gladys looks potentially Scottish?

Before I made the purchase, I went on to eBay and only found one of these listed, a Chinese girl named Yum Yum, for $125. So I bought these three cards at $22, and the next day was looking online for more. I found Yum Yum and an Eskimo card from this series for a total of $15 on Etsy. 🙂 I am not sure how many cards are in the series, but I have 5 and have seen another, George, that I don’t have on Google images.




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