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Winsch Santa with Umbrella

This Winsch Santa was mailed on Christmas day, 1914. The sender was anonymous and didn’t bother to write a message to Master Edward Krim in Utica, NY. I love all the Winsch Santa cards, they are some of the nicest … Continue reading

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Best Easter Wishes

Back in 2011 I posted a Clapsaddle Easter card that reminded me of Alice and Wonderland. I have since purchased two other cards from the same series and realized I never posted either of them, so here is one of … Continue reading

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Washington Street Bridge

In honor of the Chris Christie bridge scandal, here is a postcard of the Washington Street Bridge in Chicago. It was mailed August 22, 1914 with the message “Still alive.” This bridge is featured on the website historicbridges.orgk, which says … Continue reading

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Newest Chicago Hold to Light

For Christmas I received a hold to light card of the Reflectory and Boat Station in Lincoln Park, Chicago. I am pretty sure “reflectory” is a play on the word refectory since this is a hold to light card. It … Continue reading

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Clapsaddle Christmas Packages

Series 1887 by International Art Publishing Company, commonly referred to as IAP or IAPC, shows children with baskets as packages. Clapsaddle is the artist, as many of her series are published by IAP, and I only have 2 of the … Continue reading

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Funny/Sad Christmas Message

On December 16, 1914, Helen W. sent her friend Elsie Haas a Christmas message. “Dear Elsie, Are you going to get many Christmas presents. I don’t think I will. I wish you a Happy Christmas from your friend, Helen W.” … Continue reading

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