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Art Institute of Chicago Hold to Light

This is a Koehler hold to light postcard of the Art Institute of Chicago. It is interesting because the moon isn’t yellow, and the windows aren’t either. Usually on these cards the sun or moon will be yellow and the … Continue reading

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That’s What They All Say- Heart Palpitations

  This Dwig card from the “That’s What They All Say” series shows a snooty looking fellow telling a girl “You are the only girl who evah caused my heart to palpitate.” But she knows he’s full of crap! Instead … Continue reading

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Soap Bubbles

I won this Dwig card on eBay a few weeks ago as the lone bidder for $5. It is part of Tuck’s “Facts and Fancies” series, no. 120. It was mailed in 1909 to Miss Lottie Cilner(?) in Richville, Michigan. … Continue reading

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How Can You Do It Additions

This week I added 3 more of Dwig’s “How Can You Do It on ____ Per?” cards to my collection. I have been slacking in the Dwig department over the past year and haven’t bought too many of his cards. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! 2013

Mailed on December 28, 1909 to welcome in 1910. Whitney New Year Greetings, mailed December 30, 1921. Clapsaddle Native American baby, part of a New Year series. Mailed December 22, 1913.

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To Family Members

There are a lot of varieties of postcards similar to the one above that says “To My Dear Cousin.” There are cards for fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, etc. Below is a card meant for a brother. Both cards … Continue reading

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Anyone who goes to the Jersey Shore during the summer knows salt water taffy is a summer essential! This card is an advertising card for Fralinger’s in Atlantic City. The back reads “For 45 cents in stamps we ship a … Continue reading

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Pebbles from the Beach

“Pebbles from the Beach at Atlantic City. I’ve got rid of all the others, this is the only Pebble on the Beach for me at Atlantic City.” This romantic card shows a coupe kissing on the beach. The card was … Continue reading

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Mystery Postcard Message- There are 66 of Us

Reading this message sent from Chicago to New York makes me laugh even though it is kind of a mystery, and you will see why: “Dear Bro. Garrett:- Just arrived here O.K. There are 66 of us- we were flying … Continue reading

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Contagious Ward

“Tues a.m. got out of contagious Sun. Feel almost well now. Am off duty for a week so I am going down town and tomorrow go to Hyde Park to stay with my aunt a few days. Ma Haynes do … Continue reading

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