Anyone who goes to the Jersey Shore during the summer knows salt water taffy is a summer essential! This card is an advertising card for Fralinger’s in Atlantic City. The back reads “For 45 cents in stamps we ship a 1 pound box of Fralinger’s Original Salt Water Taffy to any part of the U.S. express prepaid.”

You can see the boxes of candy in the card, and other candies as well. Fralinger’s is now sold by James Candy Company, and on their website is a miniature photo archive with a view of the exterior of the Atlantic City store, as well as a some ads and other photos. This card was mailed in 1909 to Baltimore.

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3 Responses to Fralinger’s

  1. Louise Wile says:

    I never go to the shore but am aware of these cards – and you must know of the special Fralinger’s cards, – cards have letter on back, – if you collected ones to spell the name, then you got free taffy. I like the other photos/PCs….. older people like me do not dare eat taffy, – might lose a tooth or two. I have made it, however. Cards with the letters on the back are not easy to find. Somewhere I have or had one of those little barrels made by James & Co. I may have sold it. We have a friend who is a very serious advanced AC collector & we learn a lot from him. Also the man who has the AC museum in his house.

  2. Arthur Gager, Fralinger descendant says:

    Did you notice that some of the faces are photos? The man in the dark suit 2nd from the right is a young Joseph Fralinger. The smiling woman on the left is his wife, Nettie.

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