Contagious Ward

“Tues a.m. got out of contagious Sun. Feel almost well now. Am off duty for a week so I am going down town and tomorrow go to Hyde Park to stay with my aunt a few days. Ma Haynes do not be afraid, I didn’t send any “dip bugs” in the letter. It was well fumigated. With love Lara(?)”

Ewww, what are dip bugs? Maybe like bed bugs? I tried Googling it, but didn’t find any relevant results. I wonder what this person had that was contagious! The patient was most likely in Cook County Hospital, since this is a postcard of that hospital. This card was sent in 1909 to Bernice Haynes in Michigan.

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4 Responses to Contagious Ward

  1. Mandy says:

    Hmm, maybe “dip” is what she was sick with? Diphtheria, perhaps?

    Cards sent from hospitals always seem to be a little odd. I have one from Cook County Hospital that reads: “Just a card to let you know that I am still alive. I saw things in my line today that I did not know were in existence. Hope you are getting along swell in your school work”. Creepy.

  2. I agree with Mandy – especially since there was a big diptheria epidemic at the end of 1908.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  3. Louise Wile says:

    Diptheria came to mind for me, also…..

  4. Louise Wile says:

    sometimes the cards mailed from TB hospitals were DISINFECTED — and the word stamped on the back of the card. those are not common but we find them once in a while.

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