Pebbles from the Beach

“Pebbles from the Beach at Atlantic City. I’ve got rid of all the others, this is the only Pebble on the Beach for me at Atlantic City.”

This romantic card shows a coupe kissing on the beach. The card was mailed in 1909 from Atlantic City to Philadelphia with a message that simply says “You know.”

I guess the sender found their pebble on their trip here. 😉 I looked to see if “Pebble” was some sort of pet name people used to use, but I am pretty sure it is not. Also, it is weird to think of the beach being full of pebbles to sort through- doesn’t seem like it would be a comfortable beach!

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2 Responses to Pebbles from the Beach

  1. Dr. Maher says:

    A ” pebble ” is a beau…but it goes back to the 18th c. and was not in much use by the 20th century. The phrase was that a young man would eventually select the “prettiest pebble on the beach” to make his lifetime committment which in the 18th c. usually meant marriage tho’ sometimes it also meant supporting a mistress.

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