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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day with family and friends. If you are brave enough to go out shopping, good luck!

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Good Digestion Thanksgiving

It’s tough going through and finding Thanksgiving cards of mine. I don’t have any Whitney, one Dwig from my last post, and only a handful of Amelia’s. Most of mine are Clapsaddle, so here is a card from series 503, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Clapsaddle girl trying to sneak a piece of pie! Mailed November 23, 1910. A postcard that was sent to Amelia from my mom’s aunt Elsie. Mailed November 25, 1909. There’s a big hole at the corner from someone taking the … Continue reading

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Blue Clapsaddle Thanksgiving Series

Thanksgiving is almost here, and this Thanksgiving series by Clapsaddle features a vibrant blue background (with white borders, but my scanner cut some of them off) with four little chefs. Each chef is holding a different part of the turkey … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Cute Postcard Messages- Renwick Gormley

Last year I found on eBay someone was selling Clapsaddle cards that were not listed as being Clapsaddle. Not only did I want thembecause they were Clapsaddle, but all of the cards were addressed to a boy name Renwick Gormley … Continue reading

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