Good Digestion Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving

It’s tough going through and finding Thanksgiving cards of mine. I don’t have any Whitney, one Dwig from my last post, and only a handful of Amelia’s. Most of mine are Clapsaddle, so here is a card from series 503, published by Wolf & Co. The little poem below the jolly man with a picnic basket and basket of radishes and a pumpkin reads:

“Now good digestion wait on appetite and health or both.”

This is a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “Sweet remembrancer! Now, good digestion wait on appetite, And health on both!” The only difference is or vs. on as the second to last word, but perhaps the postcard was a misprint. Sparknotes’ modern translation of this phrase is “It’s nice of you to remind me. (raising a glass to toast his guests) Since good digestion requires a good appetite, and good health requires both of those, here’s to good appetites, good digestion, and good health!”

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2 Responses to Good Digestion Thanksgiving

  1. harrise says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lora!! Thanks for the card’s explanation – you really do a lot of research!

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