Cute Postcard Messages- Renwick Gormley

Last year I found on eBay someone was selling Clapsaddle cards that were not listed as being Clapsaddle. Not only did I want thembecause they were Clapsaddle, but all of the cards were addressed to a boy name Renwick Gormley from Monaca, Pennsylvania. In the item descriptions, the seller said she got the cards at an estate sale and he had polio. I always wondered if he died from it, or if he lived to be old.

I got 3 Halloween, 4 Thanksgiving, and 1 Christmas card, all Clapsaddle. They did not cost a lot either. Messages include:

“Dear Baby: Hope this finds you Mama + Papa all well. No doubt you will be able to manage the drumstick.”

“Now don’t eat too much candy. Hope all are well.”

“This card does not suit Renwick very well, but the stores had a poor selection here. Are you going up to see the parade? There isn’t going to be any up here. Will try and write you a letter next week.”

“Glad to hear Renwick is some better. I hope everything will be alright so we can come down Thanksgiving. I had a letter from Martha (last name hard to read) she said Clara Stammer (?) was poorly too bad you did not get out to see her this fall.”

All the cards were sent between 1908 and 1910.

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