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Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and J.G. Brill Drafting Room

The above card shows Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. The theater is still around today, although renovated. It’s grand opening was May 18, 1927 and this card was mailed less than a year later. It was declared a historic cultural … Continue reading

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Pebbles from the Beach

“Pebbles from the Beach at Atlantic City. I’ve got rid of all the others, this is the only Pebble on the Beach for me at Atlantic City.” This romantic card shows a coupe kissing on the beach. The card was … Continue reading

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Victims in the Lily Pond

I got this postcard of the lily pond at Horticultural Hall in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for 25 cents, I think at a postcard meeting. But I’m hoping that the message on the back is a joke! “Hello Folks- Thanks … Continue reading

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Traymore Hotel

The Traymore Hotel once stood in Atlantic City at Illinois Avenue. It was designed by architects Price & McLanahan of Philadelphia, who also designed the Marlborough-Blenheim in later years. Just like the other hotels that once glorified Atlantic City, the … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Union League

The Union League in Philadelphia still stands today. I had the pleasure of going there last winter for a luncheon. It is right near City Hall on Broad Street. The nice thing about it is they still have a dress … Continue reading

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Real Photo Panama Postcards

On South Street, Philadelphia there is an antique store called C. Neri’s, which has at least 1,000 lamps, chandeliers, etc. crammed into it. Not to mention all the lithographs and furniture as well. And tucked away was a stack of … Continue reading

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Amelia Ayles

Amelia Ayles was the owner of the postcards I found at my grandmom’s. She was my grandfather’s mom, on my mom’s side. She was an English teacher, and emphasized education for all 8 of her children. 3 sons became attorneys, … Continue reading

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Lucky Birthstone

This series is published by Adelbert Kohn of Philadelphia, PA, copyright 1907. The June card is my favorite. Each card in the series is an embossed horseshoe with the name of the month, the month’s birthstone, and a poem. Both … Continue reading

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