Message from a Soldier: Pvt. Arthur Elsasser Jr.


“Hello kids Here is a distant view of our barracks, not ours but what ours looks like. They’re all alike. Just thought I’d let you know we don’t sleep in tents here. They couldn’t be tents, they have glass windows. So long ‘Moe.'” Moe also circled a spot on his card and wrote “Pardon, I was eating candy.”

Not sure where the nickname Moe came from, since his name is Arthur R. Elsasser. He was 19 years old when he mailed this card and enlisted in the Army for less than two months. The civilian occupation listed with his draft record is “locomotive firemen.” Moe passed away in 1972, and a picture of his gravestone shows his rank and battalion.

Below is the front of the card with the barracks he was referring to at Fort Leonard Wood.


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This week has been busy at work, and I have been busy packing because I am going away tomorrow. This will be me all of next week (minus the navy part)-


I am going on a cruise, so I can’t wait to be in the sunshine with some drinks that have umbrellas in them. See you next weekend!

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Message from a Soldier: Bronen Brothers #7

The next Bronen brothers card was mailed September 9, 1944. It is from the batch of newer Bronen cards I got at my club’s show in the beginning of December.

Jack mailed the card to their parents from Scott Field in Illinois. “Dear Mom + Pop, Nothing happening here, write what kind of room you want. Regards to everyone. Love, Jack.”

I wonder if the Bronen parents were going out to visit Jack, and he was going to book them a hotel room? Not too sure what else that could mean.


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Two Old Friends

I love the card below and used it on my board at my club’s postcard show. I like the fact that “Two Old Friends” was added to it, it almost looks like white out when you look at it in person. The guy on the card seems super manly and the juxtaposition of him with a tiny dog makes me laugh.


You see articles sometimes about people who look like their dogs, and I think this duo fits the bill. They are both a little on the stout side, and the mutton chops on the owner match with the dogs ears being darker/the area around his nose and chin being white.


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Boston Oyster House

One of my favorite food groups are oysters. My postcard friend, Jim, collects cards of the oyster industry in New Jersey. While I don’t have any of those super cool and probably super expensive cards, I just bought the card below of the Boston Oyster House in Chicago. It was mailed in September 1933 with a World’s Fair cancel and the note “a good place to eat.”


The Boston Oyster House was inside the Morrison Hotel at Madison & Clark streets. According to an article on Chicago oyster history, the Boston Oyster House, which was founded in 1875, offered “no fewer than 42 oyster selections.” I can’t find anything on why the restaurant was named Boston Oyster House, maybe oysters from Boston sounded the most appealing.

The logo on a Boston Oyster House dish, c1920.

Image result for boston oyster house chicago advertisement

Advertisement from the Organization of American Historians website.


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Kewpie Present

This Kewpie Christmas card was mailed 97 years ago today. It was mailed from Newark New, NJ to Mrs. Annie Bixby in Dedham, Massachusetts.


“There’s a bit of good luck in the box for you For everybody knows That the Kewpies come from Fairyland The place where good luck grows.”

Hopefully some Kewpies bring you good luck this weekend!

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Winsch Santa with Umbrella


This Winsch Santa was mailed on Christmas day, 1914. The sender was anonymous and didn’t bother to write a message to Master Edward Krim in Utica, NY. I love all the Winsch Santa cards, they are some of the nicest plain red-coated Santas out there.

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