The Mystery of Real Photo Postcards

We are all familiar with real photo postcards. Sometimes the subject matter is not printed on the front, but referred to in a message on the back. Sometimes the location is stated on the front of the card. But what to do when you have an unused RPPC with no hint as to where it is. I call this the mystery of real photo postcards.

The mystery of real photo postcards leaves all guessing as to where the photo was taken or the significance of the location to the imagination. Did someone who is famous today live in that house before? Is that building still standing or was it demolished? Who are the people in that studio photo? Sometimes, we will never know the answers to these questions.

The following three cards are all unused RPPCs with no identifier on the front. They all came from with Amelia’s collection.

Three houses on a dirt road. Did Amelia ever visit one of these in person? Did a friend live there?

An aerial view of houses, maybe the houses in the first card are also in this one.

Little trees with a house towards the back on the left.

The stamp boxes on all three cards are similar. According to Playle’s real photo ID, cards with this Velox stamp box are from 1907-1917.

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