Sad Postcard Message: Cash All Gone

“Yours just received. Send James Horne’s address to someone else. I can not send even a 5c gift, I’m doing more now than I’m supposed to do + have to drop all my pals + clubs I’m not well + cash all gone. And I never joined your club. unless someone else, did it thinking I wanted to. I didn’t. I’m sorry but if I had stamps could send a hanky or two. yours with best wishes. (Mrs.) Jenny Nyberg.”

All of the grammatical errors are the way they were on the card, I didn’t forget to proofread! 🙂 This postcard message shows that there were pen pals back in 1948, but sadly Jenny could not keep going with her clubs. 😦 She sent this card to Mrs. Edith Bevans (?) in Long Island, New York from Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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One Response to Sad Postcard Message: Cash All Gone

  1. Maria Kells says:

    We forget how hard it is for some people. Rarely do we get a message like this on an old postcard. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

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