New Type of Postcard Discovered

At my September postcard  meeting I was browsing through my dealer friend Jim’s new stock. I came across two similar postcards from the American Journal Examiner that instructed the reader to heat the postcard up with a flat-iron, gas jet or match. It appears as though these cards would be cut out of the periodical, and then the reader would use their heat source to reveal an image. I had never seen cards like these before and decided to get them for my miscellaneous collection.


My scanner chopped off part of the bottom of this card that read “What is the source of Leander’s anger?” Voila! Another man kissing his lady!


“What is the mixup with the hooligans?” A car is revealed that is going to run into the printed people.

There are plenty of other magic post cards like these on eBay. It seems like a lot of them are unmailed, including these two.

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One Response to New Type of Postcard Discovered

  1. Louise Wile says:

    have one or two of these somewhere

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