Book Review: Atlantic City 1854-1954: An Illustrated History

Of all the books I have reviewed thus far on my blog, this book might be in last place. I purchased Atlantic City 1854-1954: An Illustrated History by Fred and Susan Miller down the shore last summer since I like some Atlantic City cards. However, this book is more pictures than facts. It is easy to show a postcard on a page of a book and say it’s a view of the beach with hotels in the background. Probably less than half of the postcards or other images shown had a valuable fact under them that was longer than a sentence. I also didn’t like how the chapters jumped around. The chapter on piers jumped around from pier to pier- if you are going to show two pages of the Central Pier, why would a postcard of Young’s Million Dollar Pier be thrown into the middle of it? And other Young’s Million Dollar Pier postcards on later pages? In the restaurants chapter, there was a postcard of Capt. Starn’s in the middle of a page about Hackney’s, and then more Capt. Starn’s postcards grouped together later on. Consistency people!

It is a quick read, which can be good.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Atlantic City 1854-1954: An Illustrated History

  1. Louise Wile says:

    Schiffer just cranks out books, they don’t care, just throwing a lot of images on pages, for sale to tourists. Some of the writers do put a great deal of work into their books – I know quite a few Schiffer authors, — but like Arcadia books, other writers just have access to images & that’s all they care about, filling pages. The Schiffer books are expensive & flashy/splashy, but no one cares anymore in publishing. I spent my career in publishing, about 40+ years, so I can say this with impunity! I do have dozens of Arcadia books, but I know the authors, and know which ones really work at turning out a good product.

    • moore5145 says:

      I submitted a book proposal to Schiffer a few weeks ago and am waiting to hear back, but I don’t want my book to be a picture book! If you have any advice when it comes to trying to get published it would be most welcome!

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