Pebbles #2

I did a previous post on an Atlantic City card with Pebbles at the top back in February. This weekend, I found another Atlantic City Pebbles card-

The guy on this card is a pimp and has three pebbles. “I found three of the Prettiest Atlantic City Pebbles I have ever seen; small, but such lovely shapes.” My history professor Dr. Maher left a comment on the last Pebbles entry explaining what a Pebble is:

“A ” pebble ” is a beau…but it goes back to the 18th c. and was not in much use by the 20th century. The phrase was that a young man would eventually select the “prettiest pebble on the beach” to make his lifetime committment which in the 18th c. usually meant marriage tho’ sometimes it also meant supporting a mistress.”

The card was mailed June 26, 1910 to Miss Carolyn Cook in Buffalo, New York.

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