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Antiques Roadshow 1908 Olympic Postcards Appraisal

I have only seen two appraisals of postcards on Antiques Roadshow, and found a third appraisal today. They have done a lot of Halloween cards before and a lot of cards that included a mauve Santa and Cracker Jack Bears. When … Continue reading

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Senegalese Village

This postcard is of the Senegalese Village at the Franco-British Exhibition in London in 1908. It was published by Valentine & Sons. The sender wrote on the back above “Official Franco-British Exhibition” that 12 cards were sent- maybe 12 cards … Continue reading

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Raphael Tuck & Sons

Ever since I took the time to browse through TuckDB, I have found so many great cards that I want! Everyone who collects postcards has heard about Tuck cards before, but what about the history behind them? TuckDB has an … Continue reading

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1893 Columbian Exposition- Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building Postcard

I won this card at the February meeting of the postcard club I belong to, in a miniature auction at the end. It is my first, and so far only, card from the 1893 Columbian Exposition. This shows the Manufacturers … Continue reading

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Covent Garden Market

One of Amelia’s cards was of the Covent Garden Market. It was sent to her by a friend in 1910. Since this card was postmarked in London I figured that’s where it was and bam! I found Covent Garden, London’s … Continue reading

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