Postcarding Update

Long time no see! Even though it has been awhile since I last posted, the postcard searching and buying has been going strong! I have been focusing on my Dwig cards lately, as I have made a checklist of all his series and I am working through completing it. Life has been busy with work, going to grad school, travel, and getting ready to move, but rest assured, more posts will begin soon!

To hold you over, below are two cards from This is a series I stumbled upon in one of my saved searches on eBay, but I don’t own any right now. They are part of the “Window Garden Series” from Tuck, and there is also a “Window Garden Series II.” These postcards were meant to be cut out and then you would have little paper pots with paper flowers in them. Keep your eyes peeled- TuckDB has the estimate for these cards at $75/each!



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2 Responses to Postcarding Update

  1. Alan M DuBois says:


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  2. Diane Moore says:

    So glad you are back!!! I enjoy your posts!!

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