Garfield Park Conservatory


The Garfield Park Conservatory was built in 1908 on 4.5 acres in- guess where- Garfield Park! You can still visit there today, and I have yet to be there.

The card above was mailed to Philadelphia when the conservatory was 9 years old in 1917. It was published by Henry Heininger Co. According to MetroPostcard, the publisher’s “Fac-Simile Hand Painted Nature Views” (noted on the bottom left of the front of the card) were “of course not hand colored but reproduced hand colored work in four color lithography through the use of paper grains. These cards also have a false plate mark.” You can see the “plate mark” on this card- the rectangular ridge around the image.


This is a real photo postcard of the “Fern House Garfield Park” per the sender. It was postmarked in June 1907, almost exactly 10 years before the first card. But per the Garfield Park Conservatory website, it wasn’t built until 1908. Maybe this was a precursor to the full-blown conservatory during construction?

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