Boston Oyster House

One of my favorite food groups are oysters. My postcard friend, Jim, collects cards of the oyster industry in New Jersey. While I don’t have any of those super cool and probably super expensive cards, I just bought the card below of the Boston Oyster House in Chicago. It was mailed in September 1933 with a World’s Fair cancel and the note “a good place to eat.”


The Boston Oyster House was inside the Morrison Hotel at Madison & Clark streets. According to an article on Chicago oyster history, the Boston Oyster House, which was founded in 1875, offered “no fewer than 42 oyster selections.” I can’t find anything on why the restaurant was named Boston Oyster House, maybe oysters from Boston sounded the most appealing.

The logo on a Boston Oyster House dish, c1920.

Image result for boston oyster house chicago advertisement

Advertisement from the Organization of American Historians website.


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2 Responses to Boston Oyster House

  1. Very interesting, and a little bit weird: a Boston oyster restaurant in Chicago!
    Nice card , elegant and accurate!
    Happy New Year 😀

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