Newest Dwig Halloween


I went to the antique extravaganza weekend in Adamstown, PA towards the end of December. There were multiple areas setup with vendors and antique stores that required driving around.

My first stop was a large outdoor area, and I found a few booths where I got soldiers’ mail postcards, but still had that feeling that I needed to find something amazing. Then I did! At the Stoudt’s antique mall, the Dwig Halloween card above was waiting patiently for me.

I found a lady outside with a binder of Halloween cards, and she said to me “If you’re looking for another artist or publisher let me know, I have another binder.” I figured it would be a shot in the dark to ask if she had Dwig, because it is so hard to find Dwig Halloween cards. She whipped out the other binder and it was right in the front page, and it was postally used!

Even though there is some postal ink on the front on her arm, I still bought it because who knows if I’ll ever see this card anytime soon. This is my third out of the six in the series.

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