8 Year Anniversary

This month marks my 8 year anniversary of postcard collecting. My grandmom passed away in May 2008, and we went through her house and cleaned it out in September 2008, which is when I found the box that would FOREVER CHANGE MY LIFE. :p

This post is dedicated to my 8 favorite postcards, some of which have already been featured on their own blog posts. It is somewhat hard to just pick 8 out of the ~4,000 I have amassed, but these take the cake.

1. Would you like a little Scotch?


The most perfect postcard I own- great condition, great image. Charles Twelvetrees, mailed August 1916. Blog post about it here.

2. “Tonight I leaned across 10,000 miles and kissed you!”


The only unmailed card that I really like to consider as part of my collection (other than some real photo postcards I have). This has an advertisement for a jeweler on the back, and was written on and addressed but never mailed.

3. May Zodiac


Dwig, mailed February 1909 (the sender sent the wrong month). I love her hair, as most of Dwig’s girls wear their hair up or shorter. I wrote about it this May.

4. Man in the Moondwigmoon_0005

Another Dwig, mailed December 1908. Read more about it here.

5. French Snow White


This whole series all falls into my favorites, but this card especially because numbers 1-24 were mailed to Captain Nelson Taylor’s children, and he saved this one for his wife. Mailed September 1945. You can find all Nelson Taylor posts here.

6. Cy DeVry and Senator


I have this card on my list for a future blog post. This is Cy DeVry and the lion Senator at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago (my 2nd favorite park after Jackson Park.) Mailed May 1909.

7. Christmas Tree Hats


This card isn’t in perfect condition, but it is harder to find. Clapsaddle Christmas card mailed December 1916. Clearly I love the fact that the children are wearing Christmas tree hats.

8. Winsch Santa from my Grandmom’s


This card was mailed Christmas Day, 1914 to my great uncle when he was around 1 year old. The first Winsch Santa I ever owned, and the reason I collect them. You can see this card and a sampling of others from my original postcard discovery here.

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3 Responses to 8 Year Anniversary

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Wonderful postcards! The 2nd one is my favorite – so romantic!!

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