Drew Field


Drew Field was an airfield during World War II in Tampa, Florida. It originally opened as a municipal airport in the late 1920s. Then in 1940, the Army decided to lease Drew Field for 25 years (but in 1946 the federal government would receive it). The Third Air Force used Drew Field for training tens of thousands of men. Some of these men would get a chance to be featured in Drew Field Echoes, a newsletter that was published every Friday by a team of privates, with a corporal editor who used to be at the Baltimore Sun.

This card was mailed exactly 2 years after Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1943. It wasn’t mailed from a soldier, but it was mailed to a soldier. The sender doesn’t sound like he really knows the recipient, perhaps he was part of a card exchange club.

“12/6/43. Hello: Thanks for your nice view, I am hoping when this war over we can exchange views again. We have nephew in S. Pacific some where have had a folder from there. Best wishes always, Sincerely Mr W.H. Westmoreland 5909 Dexter Ave Tampa 4. Fla.”

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