The Brass Rail


At my postcard meeting Sunday, I was browsing through a section of restaurant postcards and came across one I couldn’t stop looking at for the Brass Rail in New York City. It was unused, so I went on eBay and found a posted one. 🙂

What I really love about this card is the people that are shown walking around, especially the couple in the lower right hand corner. The lady is in a fancy pink outfit, and the of course the gentleman is wearing a top hat. There are also two other ladies in fancy green and blue outfits if you look right above the words “The Brass.”

The back of the card lays out the four floors of the restaurant. There was a cocktail lounge cafe on the first floor, a sea grill on floor two, a London Grill on the third floor, and the continental room with dining and dancing on the fourth floor. It was located at 7th Avenue and 49th Street. A Heinz ad in LIFE magazine from 1940 featuring different restaurants shows the Brass Rail and says “To Broadway’s sporting and theatrical fraternity, the Brass Rail at 7th Avenue and 49th Street is known as a “swell place to eat.” After the show or boxing match at the Garden, folks gather to enjoy good food in congenial surroundings. And when ketchup or chili sauce is called for, only Heinz is considered good enough to match the high standard of the food.”

The card was mailed in 1938 and makes prints and mugs of the 1938 menu. You could get a bottle of champagne for as little as $7 or a Tom Collins for 35 cents if that’s more your speed.

Today, there is a 32 story office building at 745 7th Avenue. Barclay’s Capital owns the building, which was once owned by Lehman Brothers. I am not sure when the Brass Rail closed, but I am sure the skyscraper pales in comparison to what the Brass Rail once was.


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  1. Diane Moore says:

    Wow! Very cool! The grandeur of yesteryear!

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