Message from a Serviceman: David Freightenburgh


“Dearest Emma How are you, Darling? I am fine other than being lonesome for you. But I’ll most likely see you in a little while, I hope. How is Dad, and Mom? I hope okay. Have you seen Mom F. yet? Did you receive my letters? So long for now Darling I love you with all my heart. Love Dave.”

After searching online for David Freightenburgh and Emma Jennings, it seems as though they did not get married. The Schenectady Gazette from March 15, 1963 has two birth announcements for Ballston Spa, one of which is for “A son, Christopher Jay, on March 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. DuPont of RD 2. Mrs. DuPont is the former Emma Lee Jennings.” There is another birth announcement in a Schenectady Gazette from 1946 with a birth announcement for Mr. and Mrs. Francis DuPont again. She passed away last August at 90 years old.

I searched the WWII Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard casualty and combat death list for New York State and did not find David’s name on there. Not sure what happened to him, although he may have been an electrician after the war. There is a place called Adirondack Electric in Ballston Spa, owned by a younger Dave Frieghtenburgh, who started working with his father at a young age. According to public records he is 52 years old, which means the Dave Freightenburgh from this card must have survived the war.

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2 Responses to Message from a Serviceman: David Freightenburgh

  1. Juli Miller says:

    David Freightenburgh is my father. He married Anne Moore in 1950. They had two daughters and currently live in Lake Placid Fl. David Freightenburgh with the electrical company is his nephew.

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